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This teaser features the voice of former Mayor Paula Bacon of Kaufman, Texas and the song, "Racing for Time" by Debra Lopez. It's a teaser for the radio show currently airing on WFL Endangered Stream Live.

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"Saving America's Horses"



"Thank you so much for airing the issue of Horse Slaughter.

Your show was very informative, and I hope those who were not aware of this issue become involved and put a stop to this. Many people would rather not get involved because it is something that many would rather not know about. But, the truth is, for many years, not many knew about this. As long as people don't take a stand and ask Congress to stop this, hundreds of thousands of innocent horses will suffer a brutal trip and slaughter to end their lives, year after year.

This was named "America's Dirty Little Secret", but by no means was it little. This is a double digit million dollar business each year. The meat is not feeding a starving country, it is feeding the Elite people overseas, some paying up to $40.00 a pound.

This is wrong on every level. Our government is funding all the feedlots that the horses wait at to go to slaughter, our government feeds them to kill them.

I ask for our government to feed them to keep them alive until they go home. Not the myth that others opposing a ban on slaughter would lead you to believe. These horses would be homed if given a chance."

-Sharon Crumb

"Since April 2006 I've rescued nearly 600 horses from the slaughter pipeline. They included pregnant mares, orphan foals, weanlings/yearlings, young untrained horses, riding horses, ranch horses, race horses, draft horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, etc. Over 90% of them were healthy & sound, with much life to live. A number were well bred, registered horses. NONE were dangerous or insane. A few were older (ex-riding school/camp horses), and a few had minor injuries/lameness issues. NONE OF THEM deserved to be sent to slaughter. Thankfully, through a network of supporters & rescuers, we were able to give them a second chance at a new career or retirement. It’s far better than a brutal death, and being served up as a delicacy in France, Belgium or Japan.

Horses are NOT being slaughtered to feed the poor. They are NOT slaughtered as a service to get rid of old, infirm, dangerous horses. Horse slaughter is a lucrative business, if not, they wouldn't be fighting so hard to keep it going."

-Shirley Puga

"I thoroughly enjoyed the web program. I thought everyone did a great job. You had a superb panel with the greatest knowledge we have. They are all like walking encyclopedias. I was very impressed with the quality of the show from content to the audio. Everyone seemed relaxed and came across very well."

-Vicki Tobin, A Voice for Our Horses

"What a great job interviewer Katia and her four guests did in analyzing all aspects of the horse slaughter industry, which Katia rightly accuses of practicing a "criminal level of cruelty." May the divine nobility, loyalty and goodness of the horses and their human friends overpower the lies and deceit of this sordid, greedy business and its political puppets."

-Olvia Luci

"Excellent show with very good information. I posted this on my site as well"

-Natural Horse Network

"Excellent program on the brutal practice of how American horses are being slaughtered. The false articles in newspapers
across the country & the fake organizations that pro-slaughter supporters have created is shocking. They must lie to the public to defend a horse slaughter industry that is so cruel, not any ethical American would support it. So far, it hasn't worked. I hope everyone who listens to this program will call their Congressional Representative & urge them to support HR503 and HR 305."

-Trust Keeper

"Thank you for putting this show together... I'm glad that you were able to get this panel of experts that can show the truth."

-Live to Ride

"Katia, you are doing amazing things for the animals and you have my gratitude and thanks for what you have done to see an end to the horrors of Horse Slaughter. I'm in awe of such devotion and dedication. You're makin' it a better world to live in!! Keep up the great works! .. "

-Laura Jean Hearn


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"Saving America's Horses"


"Katia, your hard work has produced an exceptional resource which addresses so very many issues with authoritative information and analysis. I believe that “Saving America’s Horses” is quite an important and invaluable resource. It’s relatable and understandable to people on a multitude of levels from specialized experts to the general public at large and will capture the interest and attention of anyone with a heart."

- Mayor Paula Bacon, Kaufman, Texas Americans Against Horse Slaughter

"First, thank YOU for being a spokesperson and champion for the health and welfare of animals.  I enjoyed the show. One thing that is inapparent to the general public is that most of the animal welfare community has stepped away from the AHC/UHC coalition run by the AVMA, AAEP, AQHA and the situation is completely dysfunctional.  If organized veterinary medicine cannot effectively interface with the welfare community, these problems (animal overpopulation, rehoming, rescue) will not be solved.  That interface cannot successfully happen given the current leadership of the AHC/UHC. "

- Nena Winand, DVM, Ph.D, Veterinarians for Equine Welfare

"Please accept my sincere gratitude on behalf of all the good folks who are trying to stop the abomination of horse slaughter.

We have suffered the publishing of disinformation, misinformation and propaganda in countless newspapers, and it is so good to have a chance to get the unvarnished truth out to your listeners.

I am reminded of Mark Twain's observation, "If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed." I believe your listeners are neither!"

-John Holland, Author, Senior Analyst for Americans Against Horse Slaughter





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